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Blueberry specialise in telemarketing for sales lead generation, database cleaning and appointment setting. Based in Leeds, Blueberry have become infamous for quality telemarketing and lead generation.

Telemarketing / Sales Lead Generation

What is telemarketing / lead generation?

Telemarketing / Lead Generation requires effective targeting of potential customers, detailed record keeping and management of follow up calls. Establishing key decision makers and remaining in frequent contact with them can help create a large list of warm contacts In order to maximise the success of any Lead Generation campaign it is vital to understand the decision makers involved, the procedures within the company and any external factors influencing the business needs of the companies being targeted.

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How will telemarketing / sales lead generation help me?

Ensuring that you have a steady supply of leads into your sales pipeline is essential for the growth and running of your business. Targeting short, medium and long term sales opportunities is vital to long term growth but can be a difficult process to manage. Implementing an effective telemarketing project can assist in the management of these opportunities to provide a steady flow of appropriate, warm leads for your sales team.

How does Blueberry's lead generation work?

Blueberry is a specialist in telemarketing and sales lead generation and has extensive experience in accurately targeting and following up campaigns for a wide range of industries. We focus on appointment setting where opportunities are available and identifying where short term wins can be gained.

In addition, records and follow ups are created to assist in the generation medium and long term sales. It is this follow up that must be managed effectively. There is nothing worse than planting the seeds of an idea by speaking to a company only to have them buy from one of your competitors six months later as your forgot to follow up. Maintaining contact is not about harassing prospects, but understanding their needs and processes in order to make contact at the right time with the right approach.

Blueberry uses CRM software to manage scheduled tasks and record activity to ensure that opportunities are not missed. By keeping track of the queue, and following up calls appropriately, we can generate a steady supply of leads and sales opportunities. Detailed record keeping and a clear call grading system is used on all campaigns to assist with effective lead generation.

Outsourcing Lead Generation is an excellent way of freeing up your sales staff to get on with selling. Blueberry Marketing Solutions Ltd takes the time to fully understand your products and your company. Using this information we work with you to identify your key market and develop an approach that accurately represents your product and secures qualified, relevant leads.

Appointment Setting

What is appointment setting?

Appointment Setting involves arranging meetings on behalf of your sales team with receptive prospects in your ideal targeted markets. A specialist appointment setting service enables your sales representatives to focus on meeting prospects and converting these warm leads into sales. This is a highly effective method of business-to-business marketing as it reduces the amount of office bound activities and administrative tasks needing completed by the sales team, and consequently increase increases results from sales activities.

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How can appointment setting help me?

If your current sales team are booking their own appointments they are spending a considerable time in the office generating leads and not doing what they do best, presenting your products and services to warm prospects and closing business. Better quality leads and sales come from a dedicated, specialist appointment setting campaign.

If you are currently using a telemarketing company but are not seeing the results you would expect, you can benefit from Blueberry's experience in appointment setting fro high-order value products and services.

"We have been provided with an efficient, pro-active and flexible service from the staff at Blueberry Marketing. They have fully understood our business to deliver telemarketing with fantastic results. They also provided us with advice for future campaigns so that we can see the biggest return on investment - their help is very much appreciated."

Joanne Wakerell Marketing Team Trinity Expert Systems plc

How does Blueberry's appointment setting work?

At Blueberry Marketing Solutions we fill your diary with appointments with interested, relevant, decision makers. To further maximise the use of your sales team, Blueberry will take into consideration the geographical location of the prospective companies before arranging meetings. After initial consultation we work with you to identify and segment your ideal opportunity profile. We then source the relevant, targeted data for the campaign. This list is owned by you to re-use for future campaigns.

From the calling, our team will record details of the level of interest, the key decision makers, and other relevant information that may help your campaign. We keep track of interested contacts and make the follow up calls necessary to secure appointments. Often we will work with our clients for a set number of days each month, so this process can be managed and results optimised. All information is collated and graded, providing a simple, clear system that enables easy identification of future sales opportunities even if your campaign with Blueberry has ended.

We work with companies and institutions from a range of industries, including IT, marketing, health and education. By spending time to get a comprehensive understanding of your business, and ensuring the team working on your campaign knows the unique advantages of your product, we are able to call effectively and get results for you. Blueberry can book your sales team in for face to face appointments or telephone appointments depending on your requirements.

Face to face appointments improve the chance of closing a sale as it allows the sale rep to build rapport, communicate with a range of visual methods and offers an opportunity to demonstrate your product directly to the key decision makers.

Telephone appointments do not require travelling, which allows the team to conduct more sales throughout a day. It offers a softer way in to busy, high level decision makers and allows further qualification and warming of a prospect.

Database Cleaning

What is database cleaning?

A data cleansing process involves manual screening of the data confirming mailing and contact details with prospects and updating deceased files. Data can also be enhanced with additional data such as contact names, email addresses and company sizes.

Whilst data lists can be purchased from third parties, they often contain high level information alone. Once sourced, the list of companies can be called in order to determine additional information in preparation for subsequent marketing campaigns.

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Why is database cleaning needed?

The fundamental success of any marketing or sales strategy will depend on the quality of data being used within the organisation. Out of date, inaccurate information can lead to both financial and time losses for sales and marketing teams, ultimately reducing conversions and increasing spend. Clean data is vital to targeting relevant decision makers a, bringing value to customer relationships and ensuring well conceived marketing ideas are not wasted.

How does Blueberry's database cleaning work?

Blueberry works with client's existing customer data sources to ensure relevant decision makers and budget holders have been identified. Being able to target these key individuals generates better responses to sales and marketing activities than contacting a department as a whole.

Blueberry contacts the companies in the dataset directly to gather data. By actually speaking to the company, the most accurate and up to date information can be collected. This is in contrast to some other data cleaning services where an automated process is used to compare details with an existing database.

Blueberry can work with you to determine the best approach and the most suitable contact within a company to ensure the success of the data cleaning exercise and the subsequent marketing campaign.

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Your business needs the opportunity to present your products or services in order to win customers, increase revenue and grow.

Blueberry Marketing Solutions Ltd are a Lead Generation Specialist, providing qualified, warm appointments for your sales team. By ensuring that you’re selling your product face-to-face with key decision makers and budget holders in industries you want to target, your staff can focus on closing the sale and delivering your products and services. Increased sales and higher levels of customer service give your company the edge over the competition and result in ongoing, sustainable growth of your business.

We provide the following services:

  • Appointment Making
  • Lead Generation
  • Database Cleaning
  • Customer Maximisation
  • Sales Training
  • Market Research

We are members of the Institute of Direct Marketing, Leeds Chamber of Commerce and are on the Small Business Service register for West Yorkshire Business Link.

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"BMS conducted a campaign of lead generation and market research to promote Revolution Viewing within specific market sectors. We were very impressed with level of service, professionalism of calls and obviously the growth in our personal business. BMS have proved to be an invaluable addition to our sales force."
James Greenwood, Business Development Director Revolution Viewing
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