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Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction surveys can provide the insight required to measure the effectiveness of current customer service strategies, identify key challenges and issues and drive innovation and excellence. In addition, customer surveys have been shown to play a role in deepening customer engagement and thereby driving up overall customer value.

We have experience across industry verticals, carrying out customer satisfaction surveys, as well as lost lead analysis and lapsed customer surveys. We can support the whole survey process: developing the survey itself; delivering it by telephone, post and email, and analysing and interrogating the data generated. Our staff are trained in effective interview techniques to ensure that surveys provide not just quantitative information, but more detailed qualitative insight too.

Call us on 0113 200 5200 or contact us here for more information, or view one of our customer satisfaction case studies.

"I attribute a good deal of our success and profitability over the last few years to Blueberry’s services."
Steve Webber, MD of Westcom Networks
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