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Database Cleansing

All successful campaigns rely on an accurate and up to date database, to maximise the efficiency of the campaign and minimise wasted time and resources. We have extensive experience in database cleansing and can utilise a number of tools to provide you with a cleansed database for current and future campaigns - these range from using PAF matching, email verification, data suppression, matching and appending and manual cleansing techniques.

Manual cleansing also involves key account mapping the decision making unit within an organisation, gathering multi-channel contact details and gathering information which can be used for segmenting and targeting the database effectively. We can expand the database through adding extra information to the correct contact details, such as the company's buying cycles, their current contracts and need for your services. This additional information can be invaluable in campaigns as it provides general market insight as well as extra information with which to profile and segment the database and shape campaigns in the future.

While some data is readily available to purchase, for a more niche offering a fully targeted list of relevant companies may not obtainable. In these instances, manually building a list through online and telephone research can be the most effective starting point for creating a prospecting database. We can work with you to identify your data needs and the most appropriate and cost effective approach of providing the data you need.

Call us on 0113 200 5200 or contact us here for more information, or view one of our data cleansing case studies.

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