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Lead Generation

For many of our clients, we provide a full lead generation service, building pipelines and nurturing leads over a period of time as well as identifying immediate opportunities. By combining telemarketing and email communication Blueberry focus on building long term relationships with prospects and guiding them through the decision making process. Our conversational, unscripted style is particularly well suited to lead nurturing. In addition, our close monitoring of the pipeline prevents prospects dropping out of the process and ensures that leads are passed across to our clients at the most opportune moment for new business closure.

By gathering details such as incumbent suppliers and contract renewal dates, we identify where prospects are positioned in the sales cycle ensuring continuous residual return on investment.

Recognising each business is unique, we can advise on a range of engagement models and lead generation strategies to make sure your campaign achieves maximum results. In addition to delivering these services, we can support your internal team through a range of consultancy and training programmes.

Call us on 0113 200 5200 or contact us here for more information, or see one of our lead generation case studies.

"I have worked with several different telemarketing agencies in the past and none of them have come close to achieving what Blueberry do. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough."
Vicky Vine, Communications Director at the Association of Optometrists
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