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Relationship Marketing

Retaining customers is just as important to maximising revenues as chasing new business. Too often marketing strategies primarily focus on acquisition strategies and can leave current customers and companies you have previously invested time and effort in to make their own decisions and perhaps take their business elsewhere. Too often renewals or contracts have lapsed over time or cross-selling opportunities have been missed simply because attention was on new business.

We have a strong background in Customer Relationship Management. We understand the importance of keeping in contact with existing customers, identifying and addressing their changing needs and enhancing opportunities to present new products to customers who already do business with you. As with managing lead generation this is not a process of harassing customers, but of understanding the needs and cycles of their businesses and contacting them at the right time with the right approach that gives you the best opportunity to sell more to them.

Through customer satisfaction surveys, loyalty marketing schemes and cross-selling and up-selling campaigns we can carry out a variety of telemarketing campaigns to ensure customer relationships are capitalised on.

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"I have found Blueberry to be a highly professional and dedicated organisation, and we would like to continue with this alliance in the future."
Alex Hirst, Business Development Manager at Leeds College of Building
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