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World-Class Designers Reach New Heights with Blueberry

With more than 130 years of print industry experience, our client supplies ingenious design solutions for global events, exhibitions, interiors, and visitor attractions. Highly accomplished in print, light-box and graphic production, their designers develop premium large format displays, coverings and graphics. Blueberry has worked across multiple campaigns with the organisation since 2017, focusing on lead generation, appointment setting, market research and data cleansing.


Since their inception in 1891, our client had heavily relied on traditional marketing methods but needed help improving awareness of their products and services. They had been successful in the retail and heritage sectors, but wanted to increase their customer base in tourism, construction, commercial interiors, education and healthcare.

As well as building a sales pipeline in newer markets, our client was also keen to generate immediate commercial opportunities for their sales team to follow through.


We thoroughly researched our client’s products and services to determine exactly what they could bring to the competitive printing landscape. Our first strategic review revealed the client’s wide-ranging services and wares, such as fabric graphics, light boxes, wraps, external signage, wall and floor coverings. Armed with this knowledge, their current customer base and their USPs, Blueberry was able to profile and segment prospect datasets within their target market. We profiled data based on their ideal customers, considering factors such as the type of clients they worked with, the size of companies, their turnovers and locations.

Next, we developed an integrated, multi-channel approach, using both telemarketing and email marketing to draw attention to our clients offering and help nurture new business opportunities. We quickly discovered numerous prospects within our client’s target audience who needed large format graphics. Our team set about arranging telephone, face-to-face and online meetings with the interested parties for our client’s technical team to follow up.

From the onset, we managed to quote for live projects with prospective customers. And we kept our client informed about any businesses that were not currently running any suitable projects. Our client kept themselves relevant by sending said businesses with enlightening case studies on their work, interesting white papers and the latest legislation changes.


As a direct result of our outbound telemarketing campaigns, we secured more than 350 leads for our client across seven different sectors. Blueberry has successfully managed almost 40 projects for our client over the last five years. Our highly skilled team continues to support them in achieving their ambitious growth plans in an ever-changing marketplace.

Written By Angela Kunawicz
Angela is an award winning journalist, videographer and marketeer who has worked in regional and international media outlets across the UK and Middle East, including the BBC and Abu Dhabi Media Company. With a flair for human interest stories, hard news and campaigns, she has also been commended for her outstanding photography and video productions.

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