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Angela Kunawicz 6th December 2022

Class Act - Blueberry Helps Youngsters Achieve Their Career Goals

BLUEBERRY has joined forces with Positive Footprints to deliver their award-winning personal development programmes to youngsters in Leeds. Thanks to a cash injection from the team, Rothwell Victoria Junior School pupils will participate in the Raising Aspirations scheme aimed at developing workplace skills.

Established in 2012, the charitable body strives to close the skill gap in the UK and open the world of work to children and youngsters through career-led learning schemes.

“We understand school budgets are tight, but children really shouldn’t be missing out on fantastic opportunities like this,” said Faresh Maisuria, Blueberry Director and Parent Governor at the West Yorkshire school. “So, when we heard that the school were considering taking the part in the Raising Aspirations programme, we jumped at the chance to fund it for their budding Year 5 and 6 pupils.”

Blueberry’s donation means students will receive fully resourced classroom-based learning and the chance to participate in career carousel events with local businesses. More than 37,676 youngsters have already benefitted from Positive Footprints programmes, which help raise children’s aspirations, build resilience, character, and self-esteem.

Rothwell Victoria Junior School Headteacher, Amanda Burrow, said the Raising Aspirations programme would inspire her pupils and help them achieve anything they put their minds to.

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Written By Angela Kunawicz
Angela is an award winning journalist, videographer and marketeer who has worked in regional and international media outlets across the UK and Middle East, including the BBC and Abu Dhabi Media Company. With a flair for human interest stories, hard news and campaigns, she has also been commended for her outstanding photography and video productions.

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