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Andrew Welsh 13th February 2023

Putting People First – why investing in your staff is paramount

At Blueberry we know that the most important asset to our company is our employees. As the heart of our business, its crucial to be mindful of their wellbeing, nurture their interests, and develop their skills. By looking after our staff’s interests, we can deliver a service that sets us apart from the rest.


Training is an integral part of work life at Blueberry. Our aim is to provide our team with an extensive experience that transcends industries, broadens their knowledge and gives them an insight into how different organisations and businesses operate.

We know that when our employees understand the value of what they’re doing, our clients reap the benefits. We want our team to be passionate about their work. We encourage our staff to take on new challenges and break out of their comfort zones, as well as thrive in the areas they already love.


Our in-house training sessions are across-the-board, incorporating comprehensive, transferable skills that can be used in both personal and working life. From life lessons in increasing self-motivation, adopting the right attitude, and changing perceptions, through to business skills such as campaign and client management, team leading, document writing, research, and reporting.

Training modules are regularly updated so that we can remain at the forefront of an ever-changing market landscape. Our team can request sessions on topics that they find informative and stimulating. Individuals are also encouraged to deliver any training sessions that they are particularly passionate about themselves, with support from senior members of staff.

“There are things, tips, and tricks that I learned in a call centre at 16 years old that I’m using in some of the biggest boardrooms in the world where we’re discussing multi-million-dollar deals.”
Steven Bartlett Co-Founder of digital social media marketing agency Social Chain


We encourage open communication in the workplace. All learning experiences, good and bad, are valuable and help towards our staff’s continuing development. So, whether it’s helping our staff tackle an issue that they’re not familiar or confident in, or helping them to master a new skill, we’re here to help.

Our focused training sessions address topical subjects, with the aim of providing our employees with essential skills for the modern workplace and everyday life.

For instance, a recent workshop on social media etiquette helped staff to understand their personal digital footprints and how this can have an impact on themselves and the brand they’re representing.


To keep things interesting – we deliver our training through a variety of mediums including workshops, videos, practical hands-on training, presentations, and group activities. We encourage all forms of discussion within these interactive sessions. Our aim is to inspire our employees and make learning as exciting and collaborative as possible.

“Sharing our wealth of knowledge and staying true to our core services and values, benefits both our staff and the organisations they represent. Our training and staff development will always remain at the heart of the company as we continue to grow.”
Blueberry’s Andrew Welsh


Over the years, more than 24 members of the Blueberry team have embarked on their own ventures or started their own businesses. We’ve had staff move on to Cancer Research UK, launch a catering business or immerse themselves in energy efficiency.

We like to think we played a part in their success. And we’re extremely proud of everything our staff, both past and present, have accomplished. Sharing our wealth of knowledge and staying true to our core services and values, benefits both our staff and the organisations they represent.

Our training and staff development will always remain at the heart of the company as we continue to grow.

Interested in joining the team - email info@blueberryms.co.uk to find out more. And for more details on our exceptional telemarketing services, call 0113 487 7013.

[This article was originally published in July 2018 by Andrew Welsh. Additional material, words, and updates were made to the article by Angela Kunawicz in February 2023.]

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Written By Andrew Welsh
Andrew spearheads our in-house training and staff development programmes. A great team motivator, he also leads numerous key accounts focusing on lead generation, customer engagement and market research campaigns.

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