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Database Cleansing

DatabaseCleansing BlueberryMS


The accuracy of your marketing database can have a huge impact on not only your time and resources but also the speed in which you’re able to convert leads.

Whether you have a historical data store of customer data which is gradually becoming outdated, or a prospect list which needs additional phone numbers sourcing. We specialise in a range of database cleansing solutions to provide you with a consistent and up to date database to reduce any wasted marketing budget.

Our methods incorporate both data enhancement as well as desk research and telemarketing to further cleanse your database. We can work with you to understand your current resourcing including your data composition and how you want to use it moving forwards. We can then perform a full gap analysis on your database structure to map the cleansing needed to get your distributed databases to the state you require. If you’re interested in finding out more on how you can improve your data, we can also perform a free data quality audit .

Call us on 0113 487 7013 or contact us here for more information. Alternatively, take a look at our advice on whether to buy or build within your marketing.